Comic Book part 1

So here is a page of the comic book. It's a little ridiculous I had to spend time designing something that will only be on the screen for a few seconds, but this is the way of animation.

Sadly, I am not used to drawing huge muscle-y comic book men, and I think it shows. Can't say that I'm really happy with it, but I spent too long on it (or so it felt) to start completely over.

Well, at least that's one page done with. I think it's better if I work on a couple rough animations now than do the other page, though.

Even more backgrounds

Some more backgrounds! I think I enjoy the zoom look way too much.

This is actually a background for the VERY last shot in the movie. Do the off-set halftones work, or should I just do away with them?

Here are some plain old clouds, for the few shots I have on the very top of the hill. I'll probably have them move slowly across the sky behind the characters.

Finally, an upshot of the hilltop, with a little more detail than I had on the wide shot I posted previously.

Next to come: comic book designs!


More backgrounds!

Here is another installment of backgrounds. Thank you, Photoshop, for making things so much easier with filters. I know these aren't that exciting, but they needed to be done for the Gods' intro shots (one for each of sun, rain, and wind). I hope they look comic book-y enough!

The next post shall most likely consist of more backgrounds. I also need to start working on designing the comic book hero who, sadly, will only be in two shots of the animation. Right now, his temp name is CAPTAIN AWESOME. But for now, Travis just calls him "the hero". Who knows if I'll actually use this name.



Here is my first set of backgrounds. I've got the hill, and a sidewalk.

I tried adding a gradient to the hill. Hopefully, it doesn't look too flat.

Also, the textures I used were all from this website: http://local.wasp.uwa.edu.au/~pbourke/texture_colour/