More Animation With Dialogue

I'm done animating for the night, and I'm on schedule! As long as I keep up with it, I will finish with plenty of time.

Out of all the scenes I had to do this week, 3 of them had dialogue, and I am glad that I'm really enjoying doing lip sync. And I've also discovered I really like animating Keith! Here is a pencil test of the first dialogue he has in the animation:

I win, yet again from Lauren Blakely on Vimeo.
(P.S., that angry-sounding "MMMMM!!" is sound from the scene that follows this one. I just forgot to take it out for this clip)

He looks kind of sassy, but it works. I also realize his arm and the skateboard it's holding disappear about halfway through. Don't worry, that won't happen in the cleaned up version.


Rough Animation with Dialogue

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I have posted. I am currently working on my schedule (which, at this point, looks to be about 4-5 scenes a week until I start cleanup). But I thought I would upload one of my pencil tests.

Wow! from Lauren Blakely on Vimeo.
This is one of the first dialogue scenes I've done. I know it's only one word, but it's a start. I think it turned out fairly well. I can only hope that I will improve with each new scene of dialogue I do.

I'm in the process of doing several scenes from this past week, and when I am finally satisfied I may post a couple.

Also, a couple changes will be made to my animatic, so once I add/edit the new storyboard panels, I will post it as well.