Rough Animation with Dialogue

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I have posted. I am currently working on my schedule (which, at this point, looks to be about 4-5 scenes a week until I start cleanup). But I thought I would upload one of my pencil tests.

Wow! from Lauren Blakely on Vimeo.
This is one of the first dialogue scenes I've done. I know it's only one word, but it's a start. I think it turned out fairly well. I can only hope that I will improve with each new scene of dialogue I do.

I'm in the process of doing several scenes from this past week, and when I am finally satisfied I may post a couple.

Also, a couple changes will be made to my animatic, so once I add/edit the new storyboard panels, I will post it as well.

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sheila said...

Great work, Lauren. I like the anticipation. Beautiful!