Final Characters and background design concepts

These are the most current designs! The characters are pretty final at this point, but the backgrounds still need a little work. I like the textures, but I think I still need to add some gradation or shadows to make them look a little less flat.

Semi-final character designs

It's about time I updated again! Now I can get caught up with the current concept art I have.

These designs are the final designs of the gods, but the kids have changed a little since this.


Wind goddess, version 2

After the previous post, I settled on the Japanese-based wind goddess.

However, she has since then gone through yet another transformation.

Wind goddess variations and new rival design

In the process of my character designs, the wind goddess has given me the most trouble. It's hard because there aren't many wind goddesses out there who are as distinct as Ra and Quetzalcoatl.

This version is based off of a Japanese painting.

I read about a wind goddess who rides on a ram, but decided to just give her ram-like features.

This particular goddess keeps a bag of wind, and rides on a tiger who walks on a path of clouds.

Also, I redesigned the rival of the main character.

Character designs, version 1

These are the more finished versions of character designs, but still in preliminary stages.

The main kids.

The whole gang (now including the wind goddess on the right)

First character designs

These are the very first character designs I did, of the kids, and a couple of the weather gods. The text is from another blog of mine, posted on April 5th.

I'm reaally still tweaking the facial shape and hairstyle of the main kid. But, I think those are most likely going to be the clothes. The other kid has the more pointy/sticky-uppy hair. Also...I need to figure out exactly what age they are. I'm thinking about 10 or so (which means I should draw them shorter).

These are based off of some of the original artwork from the Mayan (I think?) religion. But they were a lot more geometric. I kind of just took the original elements and modified them. They were two variations of the way Quetzalcoatl looks...I'll probably just end up blending them in some way in the end.

Again, I took the Egyptian hieroglyph designs of Ra and incorporated those elements into my drawings.


If you've found this, it's either because of class, or I've just told you about it :).

Anyway, I'll be posting things soon. Hopefully I'll be able to backdate things. If not...I guess I'll just have a bunch of posts on the same day for a while!