Voice actor!

Exciting news! I have voice actor, Eric Bauza! (hi, Eric, if you're reading this!)
I'm going to embarrass him and say you should all check out his profile and listen to his reel, he's amazing:

I'm aiming to record sometime within the next couple of weeks, before the Thesis Review. By then, I will be sure to post my animatic with added dialogue.

Until that happens, I may not have as many updates, as I am beginning to do actual animation instead of backgrounds. I suppose I could post my pencil tests, but I don't think my rough tests are ready to be shared with the entire internet quite yet.

That is all!

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Eric Bauza said...


It was TOTALLY awesome meeting you today! I can't wait to hop into the booth over at USC! By the looks of the art, I think this project is gonna kick ass!!!

Eric B