Crunch time

It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted anything. At this point, my rough animation is close to being done, but there's still a lot of cleanup, as well as some tweaking here and there.

I started figuring out my cleanup schedule today, and from the looks of it, I'll have to be doing about 10 scenes a week, give or take.

I think the smartest thing for me to do is to give priority to scenes that I know need fixing, and have those done before the sound mix. My dialogue scenes are a) more cleaned up, for the most part, and b) have more strict timing due to the lip-synching. Those will not have as much change, and therefore can still be cleaned up after the sound mix.

It's going to be a scary and time-consuming process, and I also have to start using Toon Boom (which I haven't touched since our training session). However, I just have to keep going, and keep positive.

Well, I'm sorry that this was mostly typed out for the purpose of calming myself down a little, but once I get all my rough animation cut together, I will post my animatic in its final rough form.


Carder said...

Toon Boom is easy and wonderful, and I'm sure you'll remember it. You're fine. You work hard, you'll make it.

sheila said...

I think you can pull this off, Lauren. You have been very disciplined. The film is great. You can make it to the finish line!!!!

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