Some dialogue from this week

Here's more dialogue from this past week. Surprisingly, I finished it fairly early on in the week, but didn't get the chance to upload it until now.

Just kind of a jerk! from Lauren Blakely on Vimeo.

The mouth movements are odd at certain points, but I think it's a pretty successful first pass overall.


sheila said...

This looks great- although it may be a bit stronger if you left his hand up in the air, perhaps in a fist? No big deal, I think it works nicely the way it is as well.

Andrew Marshel said...

Hey lip sync master! So, the lip sync is working nicely as usual. But I think that he could move a little less in the body, it becomes distracting. Maybe having his finger already up to his mouth on the "hmmm" when the shot begins would help. He also looks kinda peeved, when really the actor's performance sounds more indifferent about Kieth being a jerk. Maybe don't have his eyebrows slant down so much.

Emily said...

The sync is great!
I think that you could take out the arm movement during "kind of a jerk" and it'd be fine. It sort of feels like a lot of poses right now. I like his finger tap at the beginning, it suits the way he says it really well.